way way ya (Spirit Companion) is a fun, summer bag made with back-stap loomed fabric by a Maya woman and topped off with a wonderful handle made of jippy jappy (tropical fiber), wrapped with strong thread to prevent wear and tear. Best, the bag is lined with a  bag of silk mix and draw strings at the top  to  protect your belonging. Now, with Spirit Companion, go anywhere, look great…be unique and love your summer.

way way ya (Spirit Companion) Handbag with Yellow

SKU: 3014

    • Back strap loomed, custom fabric with handles made of jippy jappy wrapped with thread to prevent wear & tear
    • Inside bucket bag out of a silk mix with a drawstring closure

    • Signed by the artisan who wove it

    • 14" H x 13.5" H; handles 5"H, 9" long