ch'am – to grasp


way way ya (Spirit Companion) is a fun summer  bag that is nearly the size of a hobo and has comfortable handles that you can either hold or slip onto your wrist. Hand-woven fabric on a back strap loom with hand-wrapped fiber handles, this bag says “unique” in a big way. Lined with a silk mix pouch,  you have security  twill blend and detailed with an inside zipper pocket, the execution of the bag is high quality and the overall look is fashion forward. Best, it can be foldled in half and carried as a casual clutch when you want a different look. Easy to pack, it’s also a great bag to bring along on your travels.


way way ya (Spirit Companion) with Yellow

SKU: 3014

    •  Handles made of jippy jappa wrapped with strong cotton thread to protect fibers

    • Back strap loomed, custom fabric

    • Silk Mix Lining for pouch lining
    • Signed by the artisan who wove it