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A Maya Hand-coiled and Stitched "Life" Basket

A Maya Hand-coiled and Stitched "Life" Basket

SKU: 0009

These beautiful, unique hand-coiled and stitched baskets from MayaBags are produced by Maya women from Southern Belize, who are highly skilled artisans. Sized  with a 4 inch diameter and 3 inches high, the Maya women invite you to buy them, as each purchase not only helps support their livelihood, but gives you a chance to see and show off the beauty of their skills. Each basket carries the ancient symbol for life and adds a touch of ancient Maya history to the basket's beauty. Best, this basket makes a great holiday or birthday gift…something beautiful, something thoughtful, something that gives back and peeks into ancient Maya history.

  • Details

    • 4-inch diameter with 3 inch height
    • Hand-coiled & stitched by a Maya, female artisan
    • Jippy Jappa, local name of the fiber used
    • Maya ancient symbol for life on the front of the basket
    • Artisans paid on a fair trade basis and all their costs carried by MayaBags
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