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Mountains & Sun Small  Basket

Mountains & Sun Small Basket

SKU: 0008
  • This small gem of a collectible basket is hand-coiled and stitched by the fabulous female artisans of Southern Belize and it is patterned with ancient Maya symbols of mountains and the sun. Sized 3 inches in diamater and 2 inches high, this small basket makes a wonderful gift and can start a collection of small, world baskets for a grand child or a friend's child. A friend started such a collection for my daughter on her first birthday and she stills treaures it today. The Maya basket makers invite you to buy them, as each purchase not only helps support food on their table and their children's education, but gives you a chance to see and show off the beauty of their skills. The best gifts are something beautiful, something thoughtful, something that gives back.
  • Details:

    • Hand-coiled & stitched basketry
    • Fiber used is called locally jippy jappa (a tough plant fiber from a tropical, green plant
    • The basket carries ancient Maya symbols for moutains and the sun
    • The basket will last forever unless it's left in hot sun or it's soaked in water or liguid in any form.
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