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uhla anink (To Welcome Visitors) Hand-Loomed  Set of Six Placemats

uhla anink (To Welcome Visitors) Hand-Loomed Set of Six Placemats

SKU: 4101

These beautiful, back-strap loomed placemats, in a set of 4, from MayaBags are produced by Maya women from Southern Belize, who are highly skilled artisans. MayaBags and the Maya female artisans who work with us invite you to buy them, as each purchase not only helps support their livelihood, but gives you a chance to see and show off the beauty of their skills. Each placemat, sized 11 X 15", is loomed in sunshine orange, white, royal blue, lavender and gold. They also make great holiday or birthday gifts…something beautiful, something thoughtful, something that gives back to people who have lived in Central America for over 20,000 years. Responsible home decor.

  • Details

    • 11" high X 15" long
    • Fringed on either end and hand-tied (very elegant)
    • Set of 4
    • Royal Blue, yellow, white
    • Helps support a Maya female artisan and her traditional hand skills
    • 60% cotton, 40% poly for durability, washability and color fastness 
    • Wash in cold water and dry flat, preferably out of the sun
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