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ki'olal (Celebration) Silk Wine Bags, Gold/Bronze

ki'olal (Celebration) Silk Wine Bags, Gold/Bronze

SKU: 2101

These beautiful wine bags are hand-embroidered by the Maya Embroidery Artisans who work with MayaBags. A beautifully executed shell design on each bag, silk bag bodies are cuffed at the top with a complimentary color.  A bottle of wine or even olive oil makes a wonderful gift in these .very special bags. The bags can be reused as travel bags for stockings or other personal items. Best of all, you are providing income to a Maya artisan in Southern Belize with each bag you purchase. With our hang tags attached to the  bag, the story behind each bag is told, and each bag is labeled by the artisan who did  the embroidery.  Happy Holidays!

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