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ki'olal (Celebration) Silk Wine Bag - Bronze/Gold

ki'olal (Celebration) Silk Wine Bag - Bronze/Gold

SKU: 2105

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Hand-embroidered with the glyph of a shell, which means “Number 1” in Maya, these 100% silk Wine Bags make a bottle of wine, or even olive oil, an extra special gift. Best of all, they are great to repurpose for packing stockings, chunky jewelry or lingerie!

  • Details

    • Hand-embroidered by a Maya artisan
    • Signed with the artisan’s name
    • 100% dupioni silk
    • Braided silky pull-cords
    • Top cuff complementary color to main bag color
    • 12½″ H x 6¼″ ”W
    • Each bag helps a Maya family keep their kids in school
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