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jakuub (Canoe) 24" Decorative Pillow Cover, Dominant Blue

jakuub (Canoe) 24" Decorative Pillow Cover, Dominant Blue

SKU: 6030
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k' in – sun


Beautifully hand-woven. Simple, elegant striped patterns. Sunny colors of bright, warm days, or blues and blacks of glamorous evenings. Wonderful in multiples, or mix and match. Dramatic punctuation for your own interior design.

  • Details

    • Hand-woven by Maya artisans on the traditional back-strap loom
    • Mixture of acrylic and cotton yarn
    • Pattern on both sides
    • Color-coordinated, fabric-covered trim
    • Zipper closure for easy cleaning
    • Hand wash in cold water with baby shampoo
    • Pillow stuffer not included
    • 14″ x 14″
    • Symbols of the lift out of poverty this work brings to our weavers
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