och bi – enter the road


This uniquely handsome weekender is perfect for your time away from home. It captures the colors of sun rays on rainforest woods, shows the skill of the artisan who made it, and demonstrates the attention to detail MayaBags gives all its bags.


Hit the road and anything can happen.

och bi (On the Road) Weekender

SKU: 1743
    • Fits in airplane overhead compartments
    • Two front pockets for a water bottle or change of shoes
    • Horseshoe zipper opening flap on top for easy access
    • Bottom hand-woven in black to hide scuffs
    • Footed with cohune palm nuts from the rainforest
    • Color: Mahogany & black stripes, highlights of yellow, blue & red
    • 14″ H x 21″ W x 10″ D

    • Handles: 13″ drop