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Smaller way ib (Dreaming Places) Piano Keys

Smaller way ib (Dreaming Places) Piano Keys

SKU: 123

 This beautiful, new, smaller version of the large way ib (Dreaming Places) is a joy day  or night. Hand-made and hand woven from beginning to end by the fineist, Maya, female artisans in Belize, it's not only beautiful, it's a collector's item with a wonderful story behind it. Signed by the woman who did the backstrap looming for this bag, it has cache'. Be unique, show your status as a buyer who appreciates worldly finds. Go for it....we know you won't  be sorry.

  • Details

    • Back-strap loomed by a Maya female artisan
    • Basketry handals hand coiled & stitched
    • Signed inside by the weaver
    • Handals hand-wrapped with protective thread (a skill unto itself)
    • Lined with a 65% cotton/35% poly twill
    • Size:13inches wide by 11 inches tall
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