tz'unum – hummingbird


Design by Izabel Lam


The “tz’unum” or “Hummingbird” evening bag, created exclusively for MayaBags by designer Izabel Lam, is inspired by glowing sunsets and warm summer nights by the sea. This finely detailed, evening bag features a macrome chain of hand-cut coconut rings, beautifully, back-strap loomed, silky fabric on top and a hand-coiled and stitched basket body made from plant fibers found in the rainforest of southern Belize. Elegant and timeless, this bag compliments a casual or dressed-up style for your special nights out.

tz’unum (Humming Bird) Evening Bag (Caribbean Blue)

SKU: 2010
    • Handle of coconut chain linked with macramé using same color fiber as bag’s top
    • Artisanal back-strap loomed fabric using silky poly thread
    • Macramé closure detailed with handmade clay atop snaps 
    • Basket bottom hand-coiled & stitched by Maya artisans
    • Silk lining color-matched
    • Handle: 20″ drop
    • 4″ H x 7″ W x 3″ D