uh tok – moon spark


The “uh tok” or in English “Moon Spark” basket purse is an accessory perfect for afternoon or evening cocktails or a dressier evening out on the town. Unique and effortlessly chic, this bag goes wherever you are heading! Artisanal basketry frames the whole bag. Hand-woven solid-color fabric body. Offered in a variety of colors reflecting the beauty of nature. Celebrate your day…

uuh tok (Moon Sparks) Basket Purse (navy)

SKU: 0413
    • Coiled and stitched basket frame woven of plant fiber
    • Handle hand-wrapped with silk-like yarn for protection & beauty
    • Maya hand-woven fine outer fabric using silk-like yarn
    • Dupioni silk lining
    • Coconut button and macramé loop closure
    • 10 ½″ H x 9″ W x 3″ D