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way ib (Dreaming Places) Handbag (Good Spirits)

way ib (Dreaming Places) Handbag (Good Spirits)

SKU: 0102

way ib – dreaming places


A signature piece from the MayaBags collection, this bag is appropriately named “Dreaming Places” in English or “way ib” in Maya. Featured in Vogue as a “top 10 most wanted accessory,” this design was inspired by the traditional Maya crescent moon-shaped earring.


The particular coloration in the way ib good spirits handbag was used by Maya royalty in ceremony.


The intricately detailed, graceful double handle is coiled and stitched from fibers of a plant found in the Belize rainforest, the handle is wrapped using another Maya traditional skill and silky nylon for durability, and the bag is beautifully hand woven on a back-strap loom.


Easy to pack the way ib handbag folds flat and is light weight. So, beyond summer wear, this is a great bag to travel with, especially when you head for the sun or the sun and sea. Go places with this beautiful bag that inspires a light-hearted you and your dreams.

  • Details

    • Tie details on both sides of the bag (loosen ties to carry even more)
    • Basketry coiled & stitched “earring” double handles, wrapped with silky, nylon cording for durability
    • Color coordinated lining
    • Interior cell phone and pen pockets
    • 22″ W x 16″ H including handles x 6″ D
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