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MayaBags®️ makes the world a More Caring, Greener Place while Offering Uniquely Fashionable Purses & Items for the Home. Give Yourself or a Loved One a MayaBags Purse or a Home Decor Item. Love the unique creativity of a MayaBags product, enjoy the history behind it, have fun wearing it and feel proud of the support you give to the female, Maya artisans.  Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up soon!

Welcome to

MayaBags is a handmade, design-driven accessories collection, inspired by nature and crafted with the artisanal skills and spirit of the Maya. When you shop MayaBags, you help us fulfill our mission to empower indigenous female artisans of Belize.

Maatan (Surprise) Shoulder Bag is hand-woven and beautifully crafted with a secure silk drawstring inside. It's Maya creativity at it's best.
Showing off the small way-ib (Dreaming Places) is "a best seller" handbag. Involving back-strap looming, basketry handles hand-wrapped with yarn for strength and professional, quality sewing, this bag adds to MayaBags winning reputation.

Our Artisans

Without our Maya artisans, MayaBags would not exist. In an effort to fulfill our mission, we work with them in partnership and ensure that they are fairly compensated.

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