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lubaantun (Pyramid) Camera or Binocular Strap

lubaantun (Pyramid) Camera or Binocular Strap

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Named for the Lubaantun pyramid site in Belize, this camera strap is attractive and eye-catching as well as strong and sturdy enough to handle your camera while you're out and about. It is hand-woven by Maya artisans in Belize and finished in our sewing workshop. A fabulous gift for friends, it lifts up Maya women and helps continue their traditional crafts.




  • Details

    • Woven for sturdiness
    • Ends are reinforced with genuine leather
    • Strong, stainless steel, self-closing clips attach to an an o-ring
    • Signed by the Maya artisan
    • 2″ W x 45″ L
    • Helping give Maya women independence in their households and communities
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