uhla anink – To Receive Visitors


Hand-woven by a Maya artisan on a traditional back-strap loom with lovely subtle colors echoing the rainforest and sea, these uhla anink (To Receive Visitors) Placemats, make a table happy and welcome your guests. With lovely stripes that virtually float on your table,  the story behind the placemats and how they support female Maya artisans and their traditional crafts will add interest to your lunch or dinner conversation.



uhla anink (To Receive Visitors) Maya Handwoven Placemats in a Set of 4

SKU: 4100
    • Color: sky blue, olive green and white
    • 15″ L x 11″ W 
    • Fringe endings, hand-tied off
    • Helping Maya women weavers earn an income and gain independence and self-esteem in their households and communities