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ka' (Meditate) Yoga Mat Bag (Praying Mantis)

ka' (Meditate) Yoga Mat Bag (Praying Mantis)

SKU: 5003

ka" – Meditate


Calling all yogis! Colorful and beautifully, hand-stitched, embroidered “ka" or meditate mat bags make your yoga experience special. The Praying Mantis offers a play on words for relaxing, stretching and breathing deeply.  It's the perfect spirit companion for toting your bag to class or a park.


Om shanti…

  • Details

    • 100% organic cotton
    • Hand-embroidered designs from nature
    • Outside label with embroidery artisan’s name
    • Over-shoulder webbed roping, color coordinated for each bag
    • Drawstring top
    • 9 ½″ W x 31″ L
    • Fits yoga mats 74″ in length, 1/4″ thick
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